iPhone Repairing Tools

To repair an iPhone, various tools are needed to fix its various components. Below some essential hardware and software repair tools are listed. This will assist you in selecting the appropriate tool for your specific needs.

Table of Content:

  1. Power Tool
  2. Testing Tool
  3. Programming Tool
  4. Soldering Tool
  5. LCD Display Repairing Tool

1. Power Tools

YIHUA 852D+ 2 in1 SMD Rework Station

8586 760W 2 in1 SMD Rework Station

YIHUA 150W 3005D 5A 30V DC Power Supply

MECHANIC Power Pro Max Supply Test Cable

MECHANIC Android Power Supply Test Cable

2. Testing Tools

3. Programming Tools

4. Soldering Tools

5. LCD Display Repairing Tools

UV Lamp

OCA Glue Cleaner/Remover

FALCON 530 Spray Cleaner

B7000/T7000/B8000/T8000 Glue

3M Double Sided Tape

Precision Knife with Blade

Pen Knife/Electrician Knife with Blade

Clamp Fixture/Clips

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