KORAD KA3003D 5A 30V DC Power Supply

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KORAD KA3003D 30V 5A Adjustable Precision Digital Programmable DC Power Supply.

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Product Description

1. 30V/5A full digital power control single
2. 10mV/1mA high accuracy and resolution
3. Low noise and ripple
4. CV/CC given voltage and constant current mode
5. Highly reliable OCP, OVP, arbitrarily set protection
6. Built-in set of parameters stored
7. Outputs a switch control
8. Power and memory function
9. Keypad lock to prevent misuse
10. Intelligent temperature control fan, effectively reduce the noise
11. Easy alternative to traditional digital power

Precisely generate the required voltages and currents.
0-30V adjustable DC output high-precision.
10mV and 1mA resolution.

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