UYUE 948S+ LCD & Glass Separator

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UYUE 948S+ LCD/Glass/Screen Separator.

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Product Description

This is a manual vacuum separator machine.
220V / 110V, Low noise, Built-in vacuum pump, Only need to plug in the power line, then you can use it.

Built-in Pump no need Clip.
advanced tep controller. It can show both the setting temperature and the actual temperature at the same time.
Perfect for all 7-inch screens.

This is our latest vacuum separator it is a preheater, an LCD touch glass separator machine, and this one can largely help us to solve the big problem.

1. Big built-in Vacuum Pump

2. Hot Plate

3. Separating the LCD and Touch Screen for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, etc

4. Separating the LCD and Touch Screen for Ipad or Other Tablet below 7 inches

5. Come with one roll of Separation Wire

How to use it:

1. Power on;
2. Put your LCD with the touch screen on the metal plate, LCD side above;
3. Wait for the temperature on the metal plate to rise up;
4. Using wire to separate glass from LCD

Package Include :

1 x   Built-in pump Vacuum LCD separator (110V / 220V)

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